TBHQ is largely used in edible oils and fats related food products. The underlying role of TBHQ is to retard the oxidative deterioration of these products, effectively extending their “shelf life”. TBHQ finds use in a variety of products such as essential oils, natural colours, confectionary, peanuts, powdered dairy products, cosmetics and many more. TBHQ is particularly effective in stabilizing unsaturated fats and oils, especially polyunsaturated frying oils. In frying oils TBHQ not only increases in number of fries possible per batch of oil, it also “carries through” to the fried food, effectively increasing the fried food’s shelf life.

Reasons for TBHQ’s popularity include :  


  • TBHQ does not discolour in the presence of iron
  • TBHQ adds no detectable odour when used in fats, oils and food products
  • TBHQ can be used in place of partial hydrogenation to stabilize fats and oils
  • TBHQ has excellent solubility in fats and oils
  • TBHQ exhibit excellent “carry through” prosperities


TBHQ – Food Grade Product Specification



Synonyms:                   Mono-tert-butylhydroquinone

                                                Tert-butylquinol 2-tert-buytl-1,



MolecularWeight:       166.22



Empirical Formula:    C10 H14 O2


                        CAS Number:               1948-33-0                  OH











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